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Saturday, September 5, 2009

March of The Penguins

Dalam subject Logic and Philosophy of Science, saya dan teman-teman di semester 1 diajak untuk menonton dan memahami kehidupan emperor penguin, salah satu jenis penguin dengan kehidupan yang sangat unik di Antartica. Dipandu dengan pertanyaan-pertanyaan, saya mencoba menuliskan pemahaman saya di post ini.

1. What’s the story about?
2. What values did you get from the movie?
3. What is the personal message of the movie to you?

1. The story is about the life of an emperor penguin. They usually live in the sea of Antarctica, but once a year, they walk together day and night continously to the place where each and everyone of them are born. Eventhough the path always changing, they still can find the place. Once they arrive, they will found their mate / partner for that year. After that, they will have a relationship for eight months, and if the relationship success, new life will born. Then, the mother will pass the egg carefully to the father that will keep the egg while the mother goes back to the sea to feed themselves and bring food to the unborn child. The father itself has to face a stormy weather of Antarctica that can be a minus 80 degree Celsius. When the mother has done, they will come back to the nest, find their mate and child by listen to their sound and feed the new baby penguin. However, it is the time for the father to leave and feed them self. The new baby will be protected from the stormy weather, hard temperature, and predator by its mother. Once they ready, the mother will leave the grown up penguin, so they can learn to live by them self. It is a story about how a parent tries to protect their child even though they have to sacrifice their life. It’s the story about survival and love. 

2. Values that I got from the movie are :
We should respect life. Like the penguin who willing to sacrifice their life just to protect the unborn child. It shows how they really love and appreciate their own family. As a human, we should learn to be more respect to life, because our life it’s not as hard as penguin that live in the darkest and wildest place on earth. So, through this film, it’s the time for human to look at them self and think about what they have done with their life.
Love your family. It is common right now that a lot parents didn’t want their child. It can be shown in a rising number of abortions. People also didn’t respect the meaning of a family by divorce, and in the end, it is the child who got a bad impact of it. In this film, we can see how penguin tries everything to just feed their child, even if they have to sacrifice their life, and actually, we should learn from it in order to keep our family altogether.
Togetherness. We can see how penguin work together to face a stormy weather. They stay together to protect one another. Human, should learn this point, concerning that right now, everyone just think about them self, or individualistic.

3. If you become easy on yourself, life will be hard for you; if you become hard to yourself, life will be easy for you. The penguins have to survive live in the place where everything covered in ice. But they try to live even it’s hard. A baby penguin for example, if they just rely on its mother or father, they cannot survive the Antarctica. They have to be hard on them self, so they can learn to live in their habitat. As a human, if we don’t want to learn and try something new, we will not go any further in our life. If we don’t want to study, we will not get any skills and experience that can help us to achieve our dream.

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