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Friday, September 4, 2009


One of my subject in semester 1 is General English, taught by Mr. Marc Charmichael Brown. In this subject, we are not only being taught about the use of English in business in form of business letter, memo, fax, etc, but also to try to write and speak in English by doing a presentation based on paper we made. Interesting thing is that we are given a free option to choose any country we like and present that country interesting facts. My group chose Aotearoa or New Zealand.

New Zealand is well known for its magnificent natural beauty. Located in the south east of Australia, New Zealand, no doubt is one of the most remote country. Even though geographically New Zealand is far away from other country, Aotearoa (New Zealand) have an incredible potential as being a modern nation. They still keep and develop their original culture, and most important, the beauty of the nature. In this paper, our objective is to present New Zealand as a small country with high potential of trade and a balancing country of nature and modernisation. This country has 8 most important and interesting sector which we try to deliver in this paper.
Maoris was first inhabitants of New Zealand in about 1000. Maoris oral story said that Maori people come from the other part of Polynesia, but they don’t exactly know the approximate place.
New Zealand was found by Abel Tasman in 1642, and it’s the last to be discovered, therefore is the youngest country. But, captain James Cook, the British explorer, who made the first settlement in this country in 1769.
This country becomes independent after British and Maoris agree to sign The Treaty of Waitangi in February 6th 1840. The treaty has the agreement that British will protect Maori land if Maoris recognized British rule.
New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy. It’s a commonwealth of United Kingdom, which means that New Zealand is ruled by Queen Elizabeth II. The country has a prime minister to govern it, Helen Clark, since 1999.
New Zealand is the first country to grant women the right to vote in 1893. Until today, New Zealand has a longstanding interest involvement in Middle East and Israel in particular. They also supported the International campaign against terrorism.
New Zealand has a prosperous and developed economy with an estimated GDP of $108.8 billion and of $26.5 billion GDP percapita. The currency of New Zealand is New Zealand $ which is equals to Rp 7000. New Zealand major income is from tourism which contributed 8.9% of the total of GDP which is $12.8 billion.
New Zealand is a country heavily dependent on trade. It’s a free trade country and its principal export industries are agriculture, horticulture, fishing, and forestry. The major export partners are Australia, UK, USA, Japan, and China.
Communication Technology
New Zealand has achieved the finalist for World Summit Awards in communication technology. New Zealand has two major mobile phone providers, Telecom and Vodafone. There are five TV Stations and one pay per view satellite TV.
There are 37% of New Zealand populations who have internet access at home. Internet access can be found in major tourist centres, and the range of price is between $5-%10 per hour.
The cities in New Zealand each have their own uniqueness. In New Zealand, there are five important cities, which are Auckland, Wellington, Rotorua, Napier, and Waikato.
Auckland is the largest city with the population of around a million and a half, also famous for its two large harbors. Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand and it’s the international trading city consider the strategic location in the southern part of North Island, which connected the South Island. Rotorua is famous for its geysers throwing up fountain of superheated water and steam. Napier is the art deco city in New Zealand, and Waikato is well known for The University of Waikato, the oldest university in the country.
New Zealand is the most famous country in this area. Natural beauty of New Zealand is well known all over the world. The country has a magnificent surroundings, clean, healthy, uncluttered environment, and comfortable climate. Supported by a lot of national park, like Tongariro National Park, which achieved A World Culture Heritage by UNESCO, shown that this country appreciate their natural beauty.
Consider its landscape and natural beauty, New Zealand is the perfect place for shooting a movie, like The Lord of The Ring, The Last Samurai, King Kong, The Chronicle of Narnia, etc.
Concerning it was found by James Cook from Britain, New Zealand culture derived from British roots. Influences on NZ people come from other European cultures, Australian, American, Asian, and Maori Culture.
The tradition of Maori in the late 20th century can be seen in the tradition-based arts of Kapa Haka (song and dance), carving, the architecture, and Waka Ama (canoe racing). The using of Maori Languange as a living can be found only in few remote areas. 
Rugby is the most popular sport in New Zealand. All Blacks, the national rugby team, has the best win and loss record of any national team. New Zealand will also host the 2012 World Rugby Cup.
Other popular sport include cricket, basketball, bowling, golf, tennis, cycling, snowboarding, hockey, surfing, yacthing, and sailing. New Zealand cricket teams (The Black Caps) always ranks in the top four teams in the world. New Zealand is the leading nations in world yachting. The country is well known for extreme sport and adventure tourism concerning its landscape.
People of New Zealand lived in the modern developing country but they appreciate their environment and cultural differentiation. In order to receive International interest in economy and tourism, New Zealand still trying to develop its people, to live modern and love their country’s nature and culture. No doubt, New Zealand develops their country in amazing way, and we believe they will become a great country in the future.

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